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I’m doing something a bit different. I've been writing for years and always keep a backlog of article ideas. Instead of trickling them out blindly, I’m letting you see that list and dictate what I write next. This will allow me to prioritize what you want to learn about.

Everything I’ve written so far can be found here. If you don’t know anything about me, start here.

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Articles I’m writing by category

Building Wealth & Personal Finance

  • I Bought a Building In Downtown: Here’s How Much It Cost & How The Deal Came Together
  • How I Track My Personal Finances & Net Worth
  • How To Invest In A Small Business — My Investment In ‘Loop Internet’
  • I Spent $625,000 Buying A Business That Failed 12 Months Later – What Happened Plus All The Brutally Painful Lessons Learned
  • How I Got The Government Of Chile To Fund My First Startup When I was 21 Years Old
  • How I Funded My First Startup With $90,000 of Grant Money & Gave Up No Equity

Making Physical Products

  • How to Get Your Physical Product Idea Manufactured In China
  • How to Visit Factories in China
  • How To Finance Inventory For Your E-Commerce Business
  • How I Fully Automate Our E-Commerce Fulfillment As Small 6-Person Company
  • How To Get Your Newly Manufactured Products Shipped From the Factory To Your Warehouse
  • How We Build Products For iPhone Models That Don’t Technically Exist Yet
  • How Many Employees Does It Take to Run a 7-Figure E-Commerce Business – And Who Does What?
  • Why We Sold Primary Goods (Formerly Smart Bedding)
  • Selling An E-Commerce Company – My Experience Selling Mod Notebooks
  • How To Make Sure Your Factory Doesn’t Cheat Or Screw You

Productivity & Self Improvement

  • My Productivity System: How I Figure Out Only The Best Things To Do & Eliminate The Rest
  • Books That Had The Biggest Impact On My Life & Business
  • That One Time I Got Kicked Out Of Canada For My Startup
  • A Practical Guide To Dropping Out of College

Traveling & Rewards

  • How I Earned & Spent 5,314,476 AMEX Credit Card Points
  • How I Optimize My Credit Cards For Maximum Points Accumulation
  • How I Spent 2019 Traveling The World
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