Inside The Box – How To Invent & Manufacture Physical Products

Jan 27, 2019

Today I’m releasing my new ebook. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to invent a physical product and get it manufactured, this is for you. The book is called ‘Inside The Box’.

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What The Book Is About

If you you’ve ever wondered how individuals or small teams come up with physical product ideas, find manufacturers, and release their inventions to the world… I’ve written a book about just that.

It’s a quick read and will serve as an introduction to how you make physical products from just an idea. It’s 6,000 words and only 59 pages.

I’ve broken things down into a series of 12 steps. These are the main steps you’ll go through to create your first physical product. The steps take you from just an idea all the way through prototyping, finding factories, sample making, negotiation, manufacturing,, quality control, packaging, and importing from the factory to your country.

The steps inside the book

Who The Book Is For

It’s intended for individuals and small teams. Don’t worry, that’s probably you. While the principles are the same, the tools and approach you’d take if you were a massive company would be drastically different.

The book is focused on processes and tools for the entrepreneur – the under resourced but creative individual. Everything in the book is based on my own years of experience creating and selling my own product inventions.

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